Friday, February 18, 2011

Just An Update

Hi, everyone!

Romeo and I haven't been up to much recently. He finished getting all of his puppy shots, so now we can sign him up for a puppy class and take him to the dog park for socialization with other dogs. I've been taking him out in the front yard on a leash to potty. I didn't want to bring him out in my back yard until he had all of his puppy shots. Having three other dogs and a lot of dog poop in the back yard, (that I need to dispose of) I didn't want him to get parvo. I know my dogs are vaccinated but I just wanted to be sure. Anyways, I took him out in the back yard for the first time and let him play with my Doberman, Raven. He had a blast! They ran all over the yard and I got some pictures.

Here are the pictures of Romeo and Raven playing in the back yard:

Sorry if the pictures are a little big. I'm trying to fix that.

Goal for today: Spend lots of time with Romeo!

Goal for this week: Sign Romeo up for a puppy class.

Sincerely, Danielle

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