Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Catching Up

Hi everyone! I thought I'd let you all catch up on Romeo's progress. Let's start of with the first day I got him (about two and a half weeks ago). Romeo was 9 weeks old. We had to drive a long way to get him.

He was very lively and playful right away! He fell asleep for most of the 6 hour car ride, but as soon as he was awake it was play play play! Here is a picture of him on the car ride home:

We had a tag with his name on it made at Petsmart before we got him. You can see it on his collar in the picture.

So after we got back it was late and he went right to sleep in his crate. The next couple of days were mostly just eat, sleep, play, pee, etc. He was being a good normal puppy! By the 4th day I started the socialization. I took him to places where there isn't any food, but that are still public places (Florida has some really nice service dog in training laws. You can bring a service dog in training anywhere a trained service dog can go.) Although he is very young and not yet house trained, I chose to bring him around to select public places because he needs to get used to places like that while he is young.

Here is a video of Romeo playing:

His first outing was to office depot. He did so good right away! I was amazed! He walked right in through the automatic doors, walked on the tile no problem, and let people pet him and give him treats. He was wagging his tail the whole time! It was a very successful socialization day.

The next day we went to a department store in the mall to return something. He did exactly the same thing. He was being a good boy the whole time!

Through out the last two weeks he's been going a lot of places with me, including to my psychiatrist appointment. He did very good there too (as usual!). There were a lot of children in the waiting room and Romeo let them all pet him, and once they were done petting he minded his own business and didn't try to get too much petting. He has such a good balanced personality. Romeo has got to be the most laid back dog I have ever owned! It turns out my psychiatrist grew up with a standard poodle. I have been meeting a lot of spoo lovers!

Here is a picture of Romeo in his modified outward hound pack in the waiting room:

Recently we went to our local medical park (it's the only place in town with stairs and an elevator). Romeo did the elevator just fine, I gave him lots of treats the whole time so he was content. The stairs however, were a big deal for him. He is still small and doesn't like making big jumps.

Here's a video of him going down the stairs for the first time:

Also, Romeo has been working on his "Sit".

Here's a video of his progress after the first 2 days of teaching him to sit:

Well, after all of those adventures, one day I was very stressed out and worried about some things. I was talking to my mom while Romeo was playing with his rope toy. I began to cry and right away Romeo dropped his toy, ran over to me, and started pawing at me and licking me. Once I stopped crying he sat patiently in front of me and looked at me until I gave him lots of treats! He is learning already! I'm hoping the behavior he was expressing while I was crying will turn into an alert one day. (Read the about me section if you don't know what an alert is).

Another very exciting thing that has happened: Romeo is now crate trained! The other day he was playing with his everlasting treat ball (it seems as though he never stops playing at this age... he is 11 weeks now) Well for once he decided he was tired! He walked over to his crate, nudged the door open wider, and walked into his crate and went to sleep! I could not believe my eyes!!

Here is a picture of Romeo chewing on his everlasting treat ball:

That's about it for the adventures that I hadn't yet blogged about. Today Romeo is being very rambunctious, but I think he will calm down soon after some play time.

My goal for today: Socialize Romeo and play with him a lot.

My goal for this week: Socialize Romeo with other dogs that I know are vaccinated and get Romeo groomed.

Sincerely, Danielle

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