Thursday, January 13, 2011

Not a great day

Hey everyone. Today hasn't been so good. Well, Romeo has been behaving very well, that's a very good thing... but I went to my therapist today and he didn't seem to support my decision on having a service dog/service dog in training at all. He thought I would be "dependent on it". He also said Romeo couldn't come in his office even when he is fully trained. I tried to explain that he isn't there for emotional support but to work to help me live a more normal life by doing tasks to help with my bipolar disorder. He didn't seem to understand the concept though. Looks like I'll be changing therapists.

Goal for today: Work on Romeo's "lay down"

Goal for this week: Find a new therapist...

Sincerely, Danielle


  1. Sorry to hear that about your therapist. That is something I am afraid of happening to me. I mentioned my plan to get a service dog to my therapist and she seemed OK with the idea, but I think that SHE thinks I meant therapy dog (as she mentioned she works at a local hosptial and they sometimes have some that come in and visit and that it could be good for me to get a dog and have it be really active in my life and then we moved on). Of course, this was only my first visit, but at least she didnt totally turn down the idea.

    I'm happy you've stuck with your decision of having a service dog, and decided to find a therapist that supports your decision instead. Best of Luck with that.

  2. Yeah, your the-rapist is so silly. Jethro is gonna be a good thing for you. :)

  3. Your therapist doesn't have the legal right to say you can't have your service dog with you in session. I don't know about service dogs in training, but fully trained service dogs must be accommodated.

  4. In Florida, even service dogs in training are to be accommodated. I don't think he understood the concept, even though I explained it to him nicely. I tried to educate him on it, hopefully he learned something, but I don't think I could go back there. Not because he wouldn't allow it, but because I don't think I would get much out of the therapy knowing he didn't support my decision.