Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Romeo Got Groomed!

Hey everyone! I keep posting every other day instead of every day on accident. I've been really busy with Romeo. He went to the groomer yesterday and got a full trim! He looks a lot more poodley now.

Here's a picture of Romeo at 12 weeks old sporting his new hair cut:

The groomer there is really nice. She runs a technical school teaching people how to groom dogs and other animals too! I plan on going there eventually once Romeo is all trained. She told me since he was a puppy grooming him will take a while. Not because puppies are wiggly, but because they like to take extra time with them, give them treats, play with them, etc. to make a trip to the groomers a positive experience from the start. I was very pleased to hear this! When we went to pick him up about 4 hours later, he was happy as can be to see me! Also, the groomer (sorry I can't remember her name) said that Romeo has a great coat and great conformation and he perfect poodle temperament! She told me about how she does grooming shows with her standard poodles and other people's poodles too. It's nothing like a conformation show, it's all about how you groom the dog. They dye them colors and shave them into some very interesting looking clips! Her dogs and her have been on the cover of many dog grooming magazines and she has won a lot of grooming competitions. I really hope to go to her grooming school after I get my GED.

Which brings me to another subject, my GED! I'm going this week to take my GED tests and i'm breaking it up into increments so it's going to be over a course of about two weeks. The whole point of me getting it was because school TERRIFIES me! I haven't been able to go successfully in about 2 years. My anxiety seems to get worse once I'm in school. So, it's still hard for me to go in there and take the test with a lot of other people. It's really stressing me out and I'm confused on what to do. I'd like to bring Romeo with me to give him lots of treats when I get anxious, so that it helps him learn to alert me before I get to anxious. But, Romeo is just a puppy and he doesn't like to stay still for very long. I don't want him trying to play the whole time and distracting other people. I know the correct thing to do would be to leave him home, but I really think it would be a positive learning experience for him and it might help keep me calm too. What do you guys think I should do?

Goal for today: Bring Romeo somewhere with me.

Goal for this week: Figure out if I should bring Romeo with me to my GED testing.

Sincerely, Danielle

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  1. How cool that you are training your gorgeous Spoo boy to help you! Good luck!